How to spread joy at work

It is very likely that you spend a lot of time with your coworkers. In many instances, work can become a stagnant, repetitive place, but there are ways that you can spread joy at work. Employees may be too busy to show appreciation to their coworkers, but if you’re able to take a moment, you will feel lighter, too.

When you make your work environment a more positive place to be, that joy can be infectious and spread throughout your workplace. It may seem silly or that it is not your responsibility to boost morale, but take a moment to change the vibe of your office.

Here are 5 ways to spread joy at work:

1. Praise a coworker.

Is there a coworker who goes above and beyond? Perhaps there’s someone who has been going through a tough time in their personal life, but they’ve made it to work and stuck it out. Even just a compliment can change someone’s entire day. Consider how it feels when you’re praised for a job well done. Then think about how far this could go in a coworker’s day.

2. Be thankful.

If a coworker has recently been helpful, recognize their work by saying thank you. These two words can make a big impact on someone. You can be specific about how they helped you, so that they know how personal the thanks is. Also, being thankful can translate to feeling gratitude for what you do have. Although work can be a stressful place, sharing that gratitude can also help boost joy. 

3. Recognize your boss.

Believe it or not, bosses are often overlooked because they run the show. Maybe your boss handles more than they should, or maybe they have accomplished company goals in record time. Your boss would most likely feel appreciative of the recognition. Be sincere and be specific when offering the compliment.

4. Give your time.

Have you noticed a coworker struggling with a deadline or completing a task? Offer your help and give them some of your time, if you’re able. This is also a great way for you to show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This will go far with your boss especially if there’s added pressure to finish a project. Be available and willing to lend a hand.

5. Write a thank you note.

Handwritten notes are rare these days, but they’re one of the best ways to show your appreciation. If there’s someone at work that is consistently helpful, leave them a thank you note to recognize their contributions.

Changing your way of thinking is an effective coping skill that can be beneficial in the workplace. Try spreading joy at your work and see how it makes you feel about yourself. It is possible that you will begin to feel less stressed when you are able to feel gratitude. Overall, your health and approach to work will improve. These simple steps may make a world of difference to everyone that works in your office. Don’t forget to recognize your own contributions, too. You are a member of a team and your work matters.