List These Computer Skills on Your Resume

Gone are the days when mediocre computer skills suffice. To be part of the global, competitive job market, you’ve got to have at least basic skills. The internet and computers run the grid and power companies throughout the world. In order to stay relevant, it’s important to take stock of your current skills. Look around at the jobs that you are interested in and evaluate where you stand. Sometimes, just having basic knowledge, without the actual experience, is enough for a prospective employer. They see your knowledge as ambitious. There are countless reliable sources online for computer instruction. Search reliable sources for videos with high ratings and take notes. If you lack the experience in that area, you can still show a hiring manager that you have gained the know-how.

Here are 4 of the most sought after computer skills:

1. Social media:

Companies are learning the value in a strong social media presence. Also, be sure your social media presence reflects a level of professionalism rather than “party town.” It’s important to understand that once a photo is taken, even if deleted, it’s there forever in some digital footprint structure. Put your best self forward in social media and photo postings. Use your social media to your advantage when you are seeking employment. This is another good opportunity to learn how advanced social media management could work in your favor even if you’re entry-level.

2. Graphic design:

Image and words mean everything in the digital age. Immediate and impactful visuals are essential to a company’s success. If you have experience with graphic design, it’s imperative that you list this skill on your resume. Depending on your experience, you may want to brush-up on your abilities. Again, there are videos and a plethora of people online who give away free knowledge. Seek it out and you’ll be able to work on a portfolio which will alert a hiring manager that you are trainable. Remember to stay current with software that you have used previously and gather some basic knowledge about the trends in graphic design. You don’t have to be an expert, but a foundation will help you to progress.

3. Data analytics:

If you’re familiar with Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel, etc. than you could be considered more employable. The data helps companies understand how well they are performing. If you have experience with spreadsheets and programs that promote productivity, these are skills worth noting to a hiring manager. You don’t have to give lengthy descriptions, so even a bulleted list would highlight your unique skills.

4. Programming/Coding/Content managements systems:

Companies seek candidates with multiple talents. Again, you don’t have to be an expert on programming and coding, but those are valuable skills. Perhaps you dabbled in CMS or web design in the past, but never made it a career. Set aside some time to update your knowledge and skill set. If you have started your own blog or managed/created content, list these skills on your resume. Remember: you have constant access to a wealth of knowledge via the internet. Find a reliable source and commit to self-improvement for the betterment of your career.

If you have any of the abilities listed above, this is great news. Now, you can enhance your resume with detailed descriptions of projects and duties. If you have some learning ahead of you, congratulate yourself on taking steps in your life to improve. Knowledge is power and profit, so never stop learning.